day 124: migraine

Whew! Well, that was that, pretty much from the moment my eyes saw sun. I never spent a day looking at a screen less (and let me tell you, that feels good.)

Even though I had to play vampire, seeds I had sown on prior days sprouted. We will have some fun tomorrow.

Thing making me happiest in the world: tiny desk concert by anderson .paak (a Black Korean musician who needs every award everywhere.) I think I’ve shared him already but damn. Equally rave reviews from the whole house (unlike Claudia’s dissent when I put on Hobo Johnson).

Due to Philly’s new (intelligent, life saving) restrictions, the next time I attend a concert with my daughter she’ll be an actual teenager. Boy do we miss going to shows together, man. (She does NOT miss performing, but is writing and recording music and “breaking the back” of music theory, as her teacher says (having time learn both clefs simultaneously).


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