day 126: 365 days of marble

Leap year’s extra day gave us the opportunity to celebrate early, with a new collar, with all her tags transferred to it. Marble has loved these children ferociously every day of the calendar. They have held, kissed, fed, watched over, been careful of, cleaned up after, and loved her for every day of the calendar.

This is i-phone sized Marble on July 18th of last year.

And this is the bizarre comic panel that made us see we were somehow magically living in Steven Universe.

And this is the song Claude and Marble have been writing together!

I ordered their Advent calendar tonight — usually I start planning for Christmas by August but found something too good to miss.

Tucker and I have entered a mask-making competition (using one of the masks we used in the IDLES’ “Mr. Motivator” video). I think it’d be ridiculous if we won anything but we are in great company! I’d rather see amazing masks than have the “best” mask. It’s more exciting.

I also did something last night that I had dreamed of doing for years… and never thought I could. But I did. Quarantine has officially become Fruitful.


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