day 132: someone is subconsciously wondering about halloween.

This was how I first saw Béla today.

He asked me to buy more colored tape. I have.

Every minute they have not been socially engaged online (which was Pod Time* and a long D&D game with neighborhood kids) Claude has been writing and recording a new song.

I have been waiting here like the Catcher in the Rye with Activities for when things start to go slack and grouchy, but it’s almost 11:30 pm so I guess that’s not necessary.

However, trusted merrymakers I’ve worked with for years are indeed thinking about Halloween.

*While Pod Time is as voluntary as any other online camp activity, Claude was really going out of her way to not connect with anyone. I felt it was important, and she agreed to do Pod Time daily. First, she was using the typed chat system to “talk” and keeping the camera turned off. In less than two weeks she was screaming with laughter, talking up a storm, and using a cartoon of herself and Béla (apparently a lot of the kids don’t like the video aspect, although I think it was always on in her Latin classes and Outschool) in place of video.

She said today, “Pod Time is really great. I’ve really opened up to it.” Then LITERALLY slapped her own hand over her mouth.

“That’s nice to hear,” I said. “It’s almost as though sometimes, my ideas –“

“NO!” she screamed, running.


“GOODBYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEE”, she shrieked, slamming her bedroom door.


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