day 134: following your passion gets noticed.

Dear Amber and Claudia,

I was so moved by Claudia’s presentation for the Petrino award.  Being a former homeschool mom, (homeschooled three through high school) I was impressed with Claudia’s love of the Classics, her vision of the Black Athena project, and her desire to help others in need.

As the new Editor for PRIMA, the magazine for Excellence Through Classics ETC, I knew I wanted to do a feature article on Claudia and her project.

Let me know if this is a possibility and I’ll continue to work with you both. Our Fall edition is almost ready to print so I’d like to plan on this for our Winter edition which has an early October deadline. 

Kudos to you both, Mom and Claudia! If I can be of any service to you in homeschooling or teaching Latin at home, please feel free to reach out to me as well.

Many thanks,

Wow! This made Claude really happy. She tends to brush off praise about her dancing or musicianship, but this was something she was really happy to wake up to.

If we had woken up at an unholy early time we could have seen more of this:

But they are doing it two more times live, and then it’ll be up to see any time of day. Of course Natalie Haynes is in on it:

Also online for a limited time, Blast Theory’s film from the “Spit Spreads Death” Parade last September. To think that this time last year we might have already been going to planning meetings. As grim a coincidence as it will always be I am grateful that Claudia and Béla attended these meetings and were taught that the next pandemic was “not a matter of if, but if when.”


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