day 136 (more than half a year now…)

When not tuning in for camp activities, Claude kept herself busy with her own projects. (Our home decor scheme is, as you can see, “Projects”.)

Today Claude was making a map of the fictional land in which her novel takes place.

Perhaps inspired by us being able to check the map for our progress along Hadrian’s Wall!

She also let us listen to a rough version of a new song she’s written. It’s very good and her vocals are taking on a distinctive style of her own, now that she’s not singing covers all the time. But it needs another recording before it can be shared publicly. (It’s both bass and vocals.)

Béla was playing trivia games until almost ten pm with the Odyssey crew. I love the evening activities, I think it makes it feel more like real camp. (Which, in non-plague years, it would be.)

Sometimes they are just good company, these kids.


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