day 138: almost halfway through “riddley walker”

I kind of can’t believe it. We have some puppet-related projects to go along with this reading and have been making space for those. We are lucky to know, literally, some of the most talented puppeteers in the world who are regularly happy to answer our questions!

Saw this on Reddit, once I realized there might be a sub just for Riddley. There isn’t, but there were still some interesting things here and there:

Did not take any pictures today as nothing was new to see (except Claudia’s hairstyle — which is adorable — ever since learning about freeform locs it’s opened up a world of possibilities.) She has been asked to do a reading of one of Homer’s Hymns for Classics Challenge.

Some new favorite memes that have popped up for me this week — making me feel good about the way I’m living my life. Lately I am really enjoying and looking forward to every hour. Not only have I received a good number of “professional” accolades, I’ve just felt very confident and satisfied.


Right now, a nap sounds lovely.


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