day 141: the various things you can do on a saturday

1. Spend three hours talking about what you plan to do, even though it was pretty modest in scope (the media would love it if we just forgot about the greatest public heath crisis in a century, and went to Target, but somehow, we keep remembering).

2. Get in a little bit of our Hadrian’s Wall fitness challenge, now fully aware that “Ooooh it’s a British Roman ruin that we’re pretending to walk around in our own neighborhood!” maybe should have come second to “Um, it’s a ninety mile walk that needs to be completed in 28 days.” In normal times this would not be impossible… but when we ALL have the spoons to go out together? In AUGUST? So we are a good bit behind, and guess who Doesn’t Care the most (it’s the lanky, melanated one eight feet ahead of us with her shoulders up around her ears. That always makes a person look unaffected.)

3. We logged in and checked out (a little) of Béla’s 6th grade online class work through Time4Learning. It looks dauntingly organized. For me, that’s fantastic.

4. Béla made a dual switch circuit.


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