day 143: he wanted a photo of our edge pan.

Brownies for the last episodes of “The Umbrella Academy”.

There is not even very much going on at OTC this week — isn’t the first week of August when the world tends to shut down anyway? — and I got a UTI last week (apparently they are very fashionable in this weather) and this weekend proved that cran-cocktail was NOT cutting it. I now have Avo (highly recommended OTC for discomfort) and the BIGGEST antibiotic I’ve ever seen — I could never swallow this if it had to go straight down my throat, I have to bank it off the side of my hard palate like a billiard ball.

Béla began working with resistors today and as I expected was excited about memorizing the color codes.

Nothing feels exciting or even interesting to me, because my body is busy putting the hurt on that infection. But again, things do feel peaceful, which will be a good starting point for some projects I have in mind.


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