day 145

OK wow I seriously forgot to think about or post anything yesterday. We are far enough into this bullshit that I’m trying to picture how to handle my friends’ faces if we can’t all take our kids to Macy’s this Christmas, and it was the first time I’ve seen a journalist use the word “plague” for what we are experiencing. It’s one thing when I say it.

Looks like I at least tried to save a geeky mythology meme for Claude yesterday but we are really out of fuel. It will come back, I have learned to trust the cyclical nature of these things and don’t panic or really even worry anymore. I recharge.

I think, though, that if you think suspending students for taking photos of body-to-body school hallways, with virtually no masks, and posting them to social media, is a deterrent to those kids, you know fuck-all about the generation that’s going to embalm you.

But I wouldn’t have known that yesterday. Bonus points!


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