day 154

It’s always so sweet on Friday mornings to have coffee and get dressed listening to Claudia having a raucous Mythology Club meeting. I just signed her up for an eight-week Odyssey course since that’s her subtest for this year’s National Mythology Exam. I expect she’ll love that too. She’s always more participatory in online classes with racially diverse students and teachers and Outschool is good for that. Plus, Latin “in” Oxford starts again soon!

We’ve been trying to talk about Halloween, but neither of them have any ideas yet — I think the idea that they won’t be doing regular trick-or-treating with friends (they are definitely outgrowing having adult accompaniment, but this year is going to be different in many ways) and the idea that they might not get to do their lap with their “littles”, Booboo and Xavier, is stifling their creativity. (Although since Booboo and his dad and Xavier and his parents are basically family, we are committed to figuring something out!)

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