day 157 (and they made it so easy).

We really do love OTC. I was proud of Claudia today — she is usually very tunnel-visioned and does NOT like being asked to try anything new or, frankly, do anything that wasn’t her own idea. I’ve told her the best way to have a good day is to do one thing in it that you think you don’t want to do, because at least then you get that sense of freedom and accomplishment. Maybe it got through. After Pod Time she joined Béla in the weekly Chopped Cooking Competition and boy did they go all out — grain-free doughnuts with cashews and raisins and cranberry glaze!!

She hopped around and said, “I’m really proud of myself for this.” It was wonderful!

Béla and I sat together tonight and he chose a pattern and yarn so I could make him a sweater (for the first time in about a decade). I’m excited to have an easy project that I can work on while watching movies and TV… and that I can see my son in for at least a couple seasons.

Both kids are playing Jackbox Games with camp folks now (at 8:30 pm). It is a challenge to make sure socialization is happening during the pandemic still but C and B really get a lot of quality time and there’s often a lot of voices and a lot of laughing in both the day and evening. We’ve been getting some walks in around the rain showers today, and I’m delighted to see my third year of my own morning glories in our planter!

And Claudia has come up with a Halloween idea! It may not be “the one”, but if it is, she’s one very clever kitten.


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