day 159: new opportunities abound (but first a PSA)

Glad to see this being taken more seriously. Once you see it being done wrong, it’s really gross; performative and manipulative.

And for the kids that have experienced it or seen it happen — they don’t like it, and they don’t forget.

Time for me to print out some August/September calendar pages — the days are starting to fill up. We are signed up for a number of creative virtual community events and Claude will have some back-to-back Classics classes; Latin, Mythology Club and her six-week Odyssey course are on some days right in a row. That’s in addition to a new basic curriculum. Until people are back at music/dance rehearsals and lessons, it’s good to have these “extras”.

Both kids have asked to read The Halloween Tree out loud again this season. Everybody is ready for fall traditions to start. I have a friend who lives his life in preparation for “Ber Day” and it’s just around the corner!


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