day 162: fresh-squeezed compromise

This morning Claudia woke up and came and asked Tuck and me what our plans were for the day. I asked “Is there anything you’d like to see happen today?”

Her eyes just lit up. She had to go to the bathroom first before she could tell us everything.

First, she had some art-related goals for herself, but also wanted us to make it possible for her to watch an anime show she likes on her iPad. I asked why she couldn’t just watch it on the TV, and she said, with some concern for our feelings, that she just preferred to be alone when she enjoyed this show.

I know this feeling. Tucker knows this feeling. Who doesn’t know this feeling? So we compromised: as long as she did something first to chip away at our formidable pile of collaborative creative projects, we would clear out of the TV room at some point so she could watch her show on the family TV, not hunched up over some little screen.

It wasn’t hard at all; there was a lot of other stuff to do. Claudia worked on recording her first voice acting job (achieved within a month of first saying she wanted to try voice work) and got to watch her show. Hoogah got a bath, so he no longer looks like an extremely aged gorgonzola. Which is not to say he looks clean.

Earlier in the day a documentary about Kuku Mele had aired as part of a virtual film festival and a friend sent us photos.

I made our first week of lesson plans today and I think they’re gonna have little middle-school-sized heart attacks when they see them, But I think it will be okay.


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