day 166: the multitalented béla

Béla yelled up this morning to Claude, asking if she’d like a 김치전 (kimchi pancake).

I think the grilled pineapple was a nice touch — and a bit of an olive branch, since he slammed her bedroom door last night and knocked down her door-mounted mirror, breaking it. (He quietly handed Tuck twenty dollars for a replacement after looking up the price on Amazon.)

That they are able to communicate and come to resolutions with little interference is more important to me than the idea of them never fighting. It was clear Claude had forgiven him this morning, but she did also yell down to him about just how inconvenient it was to have to wrangle her locs in the bathroom. (We have been following freeform loc styling on Instagram, and it seems a much more Claudia fashion choice than being constantly dependent on a salon. But it’s really like cultivating precious flowers, and takes time.)

Tuck walked to Target to try to get a replacement, but no door mounted ones. Bit risky to order from Amazon but we will give it a try. Plus, we need a bunch of pool noodles for a Halloween prop.

Béla continues to enjoy working on these electronics projects which get a little harder each time. Just listening to him explain what he’s doing makes it clear he’s learning a lot.


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