day 176 and 177: that’s it for “summer”

Knowing summers in Philly are numbered for us makes it easier, but frankly so did quarantine.

So you can know more about the artist for whom Claude has done her first voice acting, why not try out this lesson with her?

Claude was asked to choose a photo of herself for the film credits. She chose two and the final pick will be left to JooYoung:

Tonight we had a BIG wind-down with a big pot of cabbage soup and the entire first season of Gavin and Stacey. I feel there is overuse of the word “wholesome” these days — in a silly and trendy way — but Gavin and Stacey is the most lighthearted thing that our TV sees, I reckon. (Béla rolls with my perimenopausal weeping — honestly I wasn’t that vested in Gavin and Stacey’s wedding but I was crying so hard it sounded like dolphin recordings. Béla just came over and put his blanket around me and his head on my shoulder.)

New curriculum starts tomorrow and Claude will see her Latin teacher Jo for the first time in months! My inbox has so many class notices, time changes (and, shipping notices for birthday and Christmas gifts) that I don’t know whether I’m coming or going, but it’s all good.

School supplies are all laid out on the table. Hope we will get through it — there’s a lot of work ahead — but an easy Sunday evening seems to have us headed towards reasonable bedtimes!


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