day 180: do not blow this, kid.

We are still getting used to the new core curriculum and its online components. It’s not second nature yet and you are better off for keeping up with your work — which can easily be completed in about two, three hours a day. (Claudia is a bit behind.)

But there’s a worse scenario.

I should have known when Béla stayed plugged in with headphones all throughout Troy — two hours on a quiz the system said should take about fifteen minutes. But yesterday was the moment of truth. Having been told to give that work a break and work on something non-screen-related, he would not put it down, and when it was removed, he had a tantrum and broke part of our green screen kit.

He had not been “working” on Time4Learning. He had been spending exponentially more time on activities than was suggested they would take. He was observed just highlighting and un-highlighting text onscreen repeatedly… just to still be on screen time at all.

Screen addiction is so real and at his age, so bad for, and so unmanageable for, his brain.

He has one more chance with this today or I will spend hundreds of dollars on workbook curricula this weekend. Meanwhile, he had managed to skip all the worksheets that went with his T4L work because… they were paper. He will work on those today.

Screens. They really are like drugs. I don’t think anyone has properly assessed yet the damage they are capable of.


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