day 182: posting very late cuz whew

It is gonna take us a couple of months but being able to print out progress reports, see where they are coming up short, figuring out how to better utilize time — T4L is, I think, going to be a big help. Right now, it feels like a huge pain — figuring out what reports I want, reconciling the T4L lesson plans with my own record keeping, and making sure that the majority of their work is still project-based and creative — AAAAHH!

But I have to say. I didn’t even contact the company directly, just tagged them in a Facebook post, when Béla showed me his Language Arts lesson that claimed “they” wasn’t a singular pronoun. I did not demand justice. I did not insist on a free month of service. But I got TWO unsolicited responses, over two days!!

Béla was proud of having taken a stand for what he knew was right. I am proud of him.

His derby car went to weigh-in and is ready for the event in October.

We are having a lovely, restorative weekend, to be honest. I am so excited about Béla’s birthday Tuesday I could burst. I shed so many tears for months just at the thought of him being in quarantine for his birthday… but oh I think it’s going to be memorable.


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