I could not have been more excited about this. I could barely wait.

We more or less spaced gifts throughout the day. Rufus was a big hit. So was a Critical Role t-shirt from Tucker.

Béla got a number of books, a build-it-yourself synthesizer kit, a Black Panther backpack from Claudia, and a funny greeting from Megabyte:

He got a shirt with tiny little Béla Lugosis all over it, a paleo Korean cookbook, and a snow bunny cake from Paris Baguette. (Super-soft birthday.)

He went on a Socially-Distanced walk with Max.

Then — the REAL festivities began.

And then this, the twin “big gift” next to the video from Rufus. Béla has been loving the books of Randy Ribay for months and re-reading the three of them that have been written so far, over and over. You can see his excitement when he sees the return addressee’s name on the envelope — and, you can see Why It’s Still A Good Idea To Learn Cursive when you see how hard a time he has with the letter (a reasonable argument for writing in cursive is that it is a lot faster, but a BETTER argument for cursive is that you’re able to read a LOT of other things that you’d otherwise need help with. We are getting there!)

The world needs a lot more Randy Ribay.

And then THANK HEAVENS the latest D&D module arrived today — it’s more horror-themed than fantasy-themed and may make for a few fun hours on Halloween, and gave us a new beginning to end Béla’s birthday with.

Markings by Béla, when he texted me this photo. MUSTACHE.

And two inches taller since Claudia’s birthday.


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