day 187


Three of Claudia’s favorites are shown there, and they’re all books I hand-picked. Those who work in bookstores call this “handselling” and can be very proud of their ability to read a person and “prescribe” a book for them.

Yesterday I gave Béla a book called The Wild Robot for his birthday. Not only had he finished it already today — he had, some time ago, totally unbeknownst to me, read the sequel (but only the sequel, because that’s what was available at the library. He didn’t even know the first book existed.)

Also, JK Rowling is a piece of crap and a half. From the time the first book came out I knew she couldn’t write a commendable sentence, and now she’s shown her true colors. Harry Potter books are the decorative equal of a dish of seashells in the bathroom and a framed “Live Laugh Love” sign.

You can’t buy taste. Not even on credit. And it’s one of the most important things you can impart to your children. Along with the moral strength to be, and to love, anyone you choose, without judgement.

JK Rowling : an utter failure.


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