day 189: vote early and often, but not yet

There will be a link available on October 1st where you can vote for just the creativity aspect of the derby cars made for the DaVinci Derby. Here’s what the entry you should vote for looks like:

Nello was well chuffed.

This was a really hard week to get used to the new curriculum, which really does ask them to take a lot more responsibility — and then to really look at the results of their progress. It’s always been a challenge that Thursdays are generally a “recovery” day for the kids, but with Béla’s birthday this week, they had to put in some evening hours (and will be on Saturday, too.)

There are upsides — it is clear what subjects are challenging for them and clear what they love — but boy, would their educational lives be different if they could be at their best five days a week rather than four (and with the occasional appointment, illness, errand)… well.

Perhaps it’s time for them to get some homework help from… Flula Borg!

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