day 192: i AM an iconoclast, i bought my daughter treggings.

And I told her so. “What the HELL are treggings?” she asked, to which I had no real answer, other than I had hoped she would react like that. Well, treggings are a thing and we are on the cutting edge as usual.

I also found a site that sells “pre-loved” button-down flannels, in sets of four, for $40 bucks, because aren’t all the best flannels hand-me-downs? This seemed both carbon footprint-friendly (although too little, too late, face it) and just sweet. Béla is excited about his new shirts. They’ve some more things coming, and the sweater I’m knitting Béla is chugging along nicely.

We found out about this last night — what a lovely sunny thing to wake up to. A great performance!

I make Mondays and Tuesdays heavy on the school calendar because by Wednesdays they are feeling stressed, Thursdays are definitely for passive and creative activities, and Fridays are frequently cut short. Frustrating for both of them, as they are trying so hard this year to be real middle school students, with more responsibility, and working harder to do every activity, and to see that those activities help shape the futures they want for themselves.

I, personally, was very excited this morning. Of all my bucket-list processional arts items, Macnas is NUMBER ONE, regardless of the theme. I knew that this year would be different, and that I would get to “attend” more of Macnas due to COVID and virtual parades. In seeing this year’s theme, I kept seeing the name “Giglamesh”, and had a feeling that this would interest Claudia, but did not know what pantheon it belonged to; lo and behold, when she was in her Mythology Scholars club this morning (often the most animated and social she gets), her teacher was talking about Giglamesh — more of an opportunity for me to remember to pay attention to Macnas this year!

And, as usually happens once a week, I find myself thinking “Thank God you’ve got a daughter that’s so interested in the multiracialism implicit in Roman Britain!” because… because I used to be dumb enough to just dream she’d be a rock star? And of course, she’s surprised us all and she’s FAR much more. Time to learn more about Mary Beard.

WOW. If you want a break from Trumpsters, here’s a refreshing (and increasingly personal) whiff of dislike for the (slightly) more subtle racism of British Nationals.

AND, if you’d rather have a very mellow bit of weekly media to tune into… try the Junior Classical League’s YouTube program. Tonight’s guest was Magister Craft (hopefully this link will still work later, even though I am posting it while it’s live). Plus, you get to know the officers of JCS, and we even found out that today registration opened for the National Latin Exam. This will be the first year Claudia takes the National Latin Exam — in previous years she has not been old enough and has been taking the Exploratory Latin Exam (and doing very well). So I can get her signed up now! (and get her some merch. She needs some merch.)

Also, in the midst of her schoolwork today, Claudia made a smaller version of the spooky black tapers we made for our front window, and put them in her bedroom, adding a lot of spider webs, and jeweled spiders that Tucker had brought home as a treat.

It is nice how many things can happen in a day.


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