day 198: no, YOU’RE breathtaking!

“You’re pretty amazing. I have to say it sometimes,” Claude just told me.

“I’ll pretend it was a joke,” I said.

No,” she said. “Treasure it.”

After a week of: being unable to get her to change a t-shirt for 72 hours; having to ask TEN times in a day for her to do her INITIAL teeth brushing; finding out the hard way that she needs a more moderate-flow rather than newbie-flow pad…

We had a big talk tonight. She’d have felt a lot better if it could have been earlier. She is dying to get out of the house more but learned today… a change is NOT always as good as a rest. And, going back to places of your past can really fall flat, too. And we talked about friendships and what they mean. We are at That Age. Now my friends are telling me how hard this is.

She said she missed braiding Tucker’s hair. It was the sweetest moment.

My girl. So set on high school and working hard and homeschooling through middle school to be ready.

In addition to Marble being very ill from either her rabies shot or a “cold” shot (she’s kind of a lethargic walking GWAR concert), I had been noticing a funny curved wire on a shelf in my bedroom suite. I was not sure what it was. And then I kicked over a fire extinguisher that was sitting in a corner.

THEN I knew what the wire pin was. My face was burned, we are all still having trouble breathing.

And I STILL have cozy Sunday night feeling.


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