day 199: best monday ever

Well — after one of the shorter morning standoffs, folks were really getting work done and took a break to admire Marble’s Halloween costume — Mrs. Bates.

Tucker reported this morning that around 5am (when Tucker went to bed… ) the cat had decided to add to her physical maladies and had choked on a small piece of plastic, which she did swallow. So. While she is still a walking GWAR set, she seems to FEEL better and is happy the kids are fawning over her. We will see in a few days if there is a problem from what she ingested, as well as her issues with the adverse reaction to the shot. This poor girl. We have been so scared.

Do not dally on October 1st when the Creativity voting for the Da Vinci Derby begins. Car #65!

Everybody did great work today and is just rolling with Time4Learning — understanding the system better and really starting to care about: graded assignments, quizzes, and tests. This was not my GOAL in homeschooling (neither was homeschooling my idea). But if Claudia wants to go to the high schools that interest her, this kind of learning cannot be foreign to her. Both kids are being very independent and responsible with their work lately. It’s just a big change from when we started on Labor Day!

Treats today: New Anderson .Paak video:

Tuck had to nudge me to check out the screwy face Claudia was making when I was cooing over Anderson .Paak. But he is like a fusion from Steven Universe — he’s my babies, combined. (She agreed then, not just in the racial mix, but that he was a singing drummer.) He brings us great joy.

Our pal and Claudia’s voice-acting debut director JooYoung also made an eye makeup tutorial for monolids that Béla appreciated.

A great day. Claudia is now registered for the National Latin Exam.


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