day 200.

Maybe we should have celebrated the way we did at day 100. But Tucker woke up to the news that the flush mechanism on the house’s preferred toilet just spun 360 degrees, and did not flush. So he was at the hardware store and back before his first lab of the day.

Now we are remembering how much more challenging life is when Tucker is in full work mode. But usually he’s not here; he’s gone, and the kids are just asking “When’s Tucker coming home?” as if I don’t know how to do anything. But seriously. Yesterday the kids were on Zoom with a friend, and I was startled by a deep, man’s voice. Because Tucker was in another room, in a faculty meeting on Zoom.

I have ordered him some fancy fall-flavored coffee in hopes that it will help. He was always the story-reader and tooth-puller and game player, and he still is, but now I find him returning a can of paint to the basement. Or grumbling with a wrench. Tucker has become one of those people who is better than average at household repairs. He’s more his father than I ever would have imagined possible.

In academia today:

So. Just always keep talking. Social

Social media and this blog have been the ways we’ve gotten some of our coolest opportunities.

It just poured all day so we started Fall with our ritual watching of Over The Garden Wall.

Also: info we have been asking about for years (even while in England ourselves).


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