day 202: “i’ve never seen a murder. i’m homeschooled.”

Our Hadrian’s Wall Fitness Challenge medals came!

Claudia had agreed that she hadn’t gone out enough with us to really claim conquest, so the dog — who has gotten trim and mobile during this challenge — got her own medal.

Claudia did some amazing drawings, as well as work REALLY hard on an economics lesson in her Ancient History curriculum.

But Béla had a stomach ache all day and so we had an early evening with some interesting movies! One was called The Lady In White and started out as the A Christmas Story of Halloween movies, with wonderful sets and scenery — but it got kinda dark and uncomfortable. We still finished it but I’d give a CW for violence against BIPOC.

We also watched Get Duked, which I’d watched the preview for and was sure Béla would love: a multiracial group of Scots teens, being hunted in the Highlands by multiple Prince Phillip impersonators, and a hip-hop soundtrack including Run the Jewels. HIGHLY recommended.

We are laughing SO HARD. Five stars.


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