days 203/204

AAaah. Everything kinda ran together there for a bit.

I heard Claudia taking a lesson about Venn diagrams but can’t decide whether this remnant means she understands them or she doesn’t. I think these are all anime series. I think she needs more Venn diagrams than anime.

Big sigh.

There are still always signs of hope every day out there.

Almost everything I follow on Instagram now is freeform loc-related. Claude has some cool metal coils in her hair like the Trojans (I think, more than the Greeks) had in Troy. Seeing all those people starting freeform hair journeys was one of the most interesting things about that movie.

Trump has the virus and it feels hard to concentrate. Work on Béla’s Halloween costume (cardboard) has set off my allergy so I’m itchy and coughing. We were going to go to Target but no one wants a coughing person there I’m sure!

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