day 207/208

Got a lotta projects going on. Lots of little event horizons.

Béla’s got to record his agogo part for Handmade Parade’s samba band. He’s been taking a lot of initiative and I’m really impressed.

I’m so happy with the sweater I’m making him. Still holding out the vaguest hope that the kids’ll be at Macy’s this year with their baby “cousins”… but, here we are planning a really exciting Halloween under quarantine. And Béla’s birthday was so great. Maybe we should trust ourselves more than the calendar.

Then there’s the costumes… plus our special Halloween supper, and Tuck is going to DM a special Halloween D&D spooky-themed game on Zoom with kids/friends. C and B will be doing a scavenger hunt in the dark house… and POSSIBLY making incantation bowls with a tutorial from the Penn Museum.

Working on their costumes would be solid art and engineering — oh, we’ve got to get some hours in. Achilles, who made this shield for you again?

Are they available to come by?

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