day 212: we are here

What a day for Béla!

He was thrilled to come home and find his new winter pants and “pre-loved” flannel shirts — he looks like a right little grunge kid. He is intrigued by the books I ordered for him (so am I) AND, when Tucker went to Da Vinci Art Alliance, the guy SPECIFICALLY told Tuck that our family should watch the broadcast of the derby in a few weeks. He wouldn’t get TOO specific but clearly Béla’s car did better than just the qualifying round. I’m hoping Nello can come over that night and watch from the yard or something! We might even buy beer! (Doubtful.)

And then, in the eleventh hour, Béla got changed into his Lugosi shirt, got out his agogo, and recorded his part for We Are Here, the film version of one of my dream folk parades — Handmade Parade in Hebden (England). He did a smashing job! We can’t wait until the film is done!

He and Tucker even did a little work on the Trojan Horse tonight.

My magical family — my truly magical family.,

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