you are my mother after all

Dear Mother,

I am going to tell you the truth all of it, every last thing some of it you already know and some of it i think you don’t know or maybe you do because you are my mother after all. …

(very personal, very moving letter to me, Tuck and Béla that I will not share)…

I just realized there is no way in hell i am telling you all my embarassing secrets touché lady touché… but i will tell you this

i love you very much in my own way even though i may pretend to have a… ‘stone cold heart’ i really do care about you.

Earlier this week I quoted something Claude had said a few years ago and my listener sneered “A TEN-year old said THAT?”… yes ma’am. Some of mah critters got past Thomas the Tank Engine, even the AP version.


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