days 222-223 (they are really all starting to meld together)

Even if you’re going outside. Even if you’re getting an outdoor fan dancing lesson. Even if you get in-person socially distanced field trips.

This time of year would essentially feel and look like this anyway because we’d be making Halloween costumes. We are making Halloween costumes but Tuck is also running a Zoom D&D event that friends are counting on for their evening fun. AND we have a scavenger hunt in the dark and another… guest. It’s actually turning into one of the more exciting Halloween’s ever.


Claudia will be giving two readings on hymns to Athena by Homer (deadline next week). We love a good deadline. She got her assignments last night.

The house is upside down, you could create three more Danpungs out of the hair clumps, but it’s all worth it. The costumes. Oh my.

Expect a second post later — it is after all a special night!!!


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