day 225: nothing but wisdom (and nothing for others)

1. The amazing and fearless Bunmi telling her kids’ school that they can forget seeing her daughter bring in any more homework assignments.

Go Bunmi with those badass semicolons!

2. The mom of one of Claudia’s friends led me to this piece…

For decades people have raised concerns about families that vary from the structure of one mother, one father and biological children and assumed that the children would be harmed in some way as a result. The greater the difference from the traditional family, the greater the perceived risk of psychological harm to the child, the conventional wisdom goes.

This is wrong. I can say this definitively because I’ve been studying different family forms for more than 40 years…. and all my research points to one conclusion: What matters most for children is not the make-up of a family. What matters most is the quality of relationships within it, the support of their wider community and the attitudes of the society in which they live.”

3. And, possibly, the writing that will best describe the love that has saved my life and the love that would save so many others if they did not fear it. I will never fear it. With institutions like The Chosen Family Law Center growing, “It’s complicated” is no longer “It’s wrong.” (Oh. And “it” has existed since the beginning of mankind, and it’s only the generations killing the Earth right now who have enough personal guilt and self-hate to try to make it seem unusual or “bad” for anyone.)

How many of you will lose spouses, parents, children in this plague? If you can’t find people you can fill those “positions” with, are you ready to go it alone?

All three articles, ready for your Sunday reading. Maybe your morality is Trump’s morality. Maybe you are outdated. (Quite possibly no one listens to you anyway.) Maybe your only ability to change with the times is to die on a dying planet.

But oh, the blessing of getting it right for our kids, and for whatever history remains.


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