day 230: it’s all about the confidence

Now add numerous combustible cans of spray paint to our glorious studio, still covered in box cutters, glue guns, and a lot of cardboard scraps. (We’re fine and everyone’s very safe. We know what we’re doing.)

Claudia needed the signs of the zodiac for her interpretation of Achilles’ shield. But why make a bunch of cardboard cut-outs when you can draw them on in hot glue?

A genius she is. She then went off with her iPad for hours behind her closed bedroom door.

To record recitations of Homeric Hymns to Athena for the classicschallenge Instagram page.

Because that’s how we do.

We also had a blast watching boxing highlights from the career of astonishing Welsh fighter Joe Calzaghe. Amazing.

We still have some Halloween prep to do and it poured all day. Béla had the Great Pumpkin DVD set up for any moment the most people would be near the TV (better, really, than trying to round everyone up).

It’s nice to see Claudia in a wig again. She’s been very anti-fashion for a few years (unless needing to perform) and she’s enjoying her Achilles wig, which means it’s essentially destroyed already, which is okay, because it’s Battle Hair and going to be under quite a helmet.

Whew. It sure looks like Making Season has started here.

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