day 231: …this was NOT the holiday?

We had such a fun day. Just such a fun day. None of us wanted it to end.

We knew we’d be doing Halloween “prep” but I don’t think we realized what a party it would turn into.

We had to do some last minute shopping this morning.

The city is either dealing with the aftermath of the most recent murder of a Black man by the police, or preparing for election night, or both, by boarding up (open) businesses.

Claudia made a lot of progress on her costume today and I have to keep reminding myself she is making this costume herself by interpreting the text of the Iliad. Then I feel less irritated when she gets mission creep and adds more details.

Béla and I watched Hubie Halloween with Adam Sandler, and then we all got involved with the recent season of The Great British Baking Show. This inspired Tuck and me to move one of the “Halloween” treats up to today — we were hungry and it was dinner time.

Thus, the introduction of a new hero (or villain); Mr. Full English.

Why, you ask yourself, does an abomination such as Mr. Full English exist?

To serve sausage rolls and pasties, ordered from the British grocer in New York.

With one special, Halloween treat…

Black pudding.

Both Béla and Claudia ate the black pudding before accurately guessing its ingredients. Unsurprisingly, Béla just considered it World Cuisine, and Claudia literally raised her fists in power. I guess a sausage made of oatmeal and blood does up one’s goth cred.

Mr. Full English was benevolent and had gotten us a packet of McVittie’s Penguins as well, which is a good biscuit.

Through some magical confluence The Great British Baking Show was doing an episode of pasty-making while we ate.

We texted with friends and neighbors, preparing for tomorrow night’s D&D game. Béla put on The Paul Lynde Halloween Special.

Through all of this, a Trojan Horse was being built.

We have more than just details to finish tomorrow, and they have a game to prepare for.

I am happy and full of love. I don’t think I’ll ever forget how much we all laughed today.


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