halloween + days 233-4.

What a weekend.

Even on Halloween day we still had work to do on costumes. We hadn’t cut a pumpkin or a neep yet. But we were just letting things roll, as much as possible.

Additionally, the Instagram sensation (for homeschoolers!) classicschallenge posted Homeric hymns yesterday — including Claudia’s recitations of Hymns 11 and 28, to Athena.

She was fabulous.

We had no trick-or-treat plans except to see Booboo and X, the kids’ “littles”. Their friend Max stopped by too; as Duffman, giving the Trojan Horse a beer on the emptiest street we’ve ever seen on Halloween.

Hopefully some lesson was learned about time management and actually sketching out all the elements of your project before beginning, when it came to the costumes… getting Achilles dressed was rather like the last few seconds on the timer of a baking competition. The fact that the kids had started to play a game online with friends a half an hour before their littles came for their ten-minute Halloween did not help, because then the projects we had worked on for a month were secondary to a bunch of pixels. However, they walked out the door of our house and what had seemed like an empty street erupted in gasps and squeals, and their own friend Max yelling “Every year! Every year your costumes are the best! Just once I want to have a costume better than you!” This just gave me hope that they plan to keep Halloweening, because I’m really not ready for it to be over. (I can’t remember what age I stopped going out but it might have been thirteen or so.)


The Trojan Horse:

That corner where Béla is standing would normally be shoulder-to-shoulder with revelers. Things were very different. Since they were all preparing for D&D next, I had some special “treats” ready:

I thought everyone would be disgusted, but the ones at our house all got eaten.

Tucker ran a three and a half hour D&D game for the kids and their friends online. Then, with just Claude and Béla, we turned out all the lights, put on spooky sound effects, and gave them each a mini glow stick/torch. Then they went on a scavenger hunt through the dark house — looking for glowing body parts, skeleton pens, scented squishy stim toys and skull erasers — which they brought back to us in “exchange” for candy (meaning they kept everything).

Sunday was just recovery. (We got as far as roasting the seeds but still have not carved the face on one pumpkin and have not touched our turnips — which I THOUGHT was going to be the highlight of my holiday!)

Honestly — it was a memorable Halloween in the best ways.

Today was really just a school day, with Claudia starting Latin SEVEN, and having a trivia tournament in Mythology Scholars that she won by a mile — with over sixteen thousand points (no other student got beyond ten thousand).

No one is too jazzed about Election Day, but I’m sure we will be busy.


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