day 235: election day

And not feeling optimistic about the election. Only Béla watched any coverage. God, Election night four years ago was dismal.

Claudia had her first Classics Club “in” England. Two kids from her Latin class are in it.

They are really learning to focus for longer periods of time with T4L, but I am struggling to get in all the creative things we used to do — it’s happening, but it’s more of a struggle. There are simply so many great materials and projects. If I had to do it all again we would have completely Unschooled and I think they’d be the better for it.

As we have read recently, there’s such a big difference between a kid who has never known anything but homeschooling, as that is what their family planned for them, versus kids like ours — who spent some years in public schools before saying “I just can’t flourish here, I need something different.” That my kids knew that and have continued to feel that way — our four-year anniversary approaches — is one of the things that makes them exceptional and strong, and is a decision that can never be taken from them. They made it. They prove themselves regularly. So do I.

Hobey’s three adult daughters, all creative, independent, self-sufficient women — all homeschooled through high school — are any indication, I sure do have the right mentor. He’s been incredibly kind to us. Visiting him is on my wish list for our family trips.

I’m optimistic enough for those… but I’m pretty concerned Trump is going to win.

Time to go check the numbers again.

If my kids find out that high school, if they try it, or even college, breaks their spirits and gives them the need to go teach English in Korea or be pole dancers, I back that 100%.

I have a feeling the years with my young adult children may just be the juiciest part of my life. And it’s just visible on the horizon.


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