day 241: yes lawd

The last of the new textbooks came today. I think we are more just pen and paper people. I haven’t cancelled T4L yet, but I just wish they had a tiered program… actually, no. I think we tried it and this is just better for us.

Béla made a circuit with a capacitor and a resistor (and a switch)! I wish he’d learn to make a jellied eel pie.

Either my phone caught the phrase “new curriculum” or everybody’s making switches lately. Homeschooling, the great key party.

The panic of the uninitiated:

I hit the jackpot with the new book series’ I found for both of them (no longer needing to identify “boy books” and “girl books” is nice, and thrifty) and so finally Claude is not re-reading, but absolutely gobbling new books, as is Béla — and then they can switch.

Yes Lawd.

Appreciation today for my good-natured, eager-to-help son and daughter. They seemed especially grateful and happy. Claudia’s Mythology Scholars teacher recommended an anime show to her so we’re going to try that out together. And Béla enjoyed an evening of The Great British Baking Show while I finished the body of his sweater — onto the sleeves!!


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