day 242

Here’s a great article on what kind of screen time matters and what doesn’t.

Keeping kids connected to their peers — literally nothing is more important, particularly for kids my age who are building crucial social skills that will shape all the dynamics of their adult interactions.

Using great films, plays, livestreams, and series, to have bonding family time together — also crucial. Board games and Dungeons and Dragons have always been important here (thanks to Tucker) and we do a lot of reading aloud. But good TV that gets everybody talking — is not dropping the ball. It is often a highlight, and is retained for much longer than “standard” teaching. (Particularly with history, I find.)

Béla made the first thing he’s ever made with a breadboard.

And Claudia provided… this

But it was mostly a big math day, with the new books. And of course some time made to play Among Us with a friend.

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