day 244

wow. i know most folks don’t think of Natalie as a household name but classicist comedians certainly do. It’s very hard to get her live BBC programming in the States but Claudia loves her novels. And Natalie Haynes loved her Halloween costume.

Claudia BEGAN her day unusually early with a four-week class in LGBTQIA+ mythology class that was organized for her (“If one student is interested it’s worth doing”) by an Outschool teacher with whom she has a mutual appreciation society as well. It’s a small group but Claude said it was worthwhile. Queerness in any pantheon can barely be avoided, and is a class like this is a great tool for acceptance.

Both are doing the introductory lessons to their new science curricula today — which are different. There are years where I have just pushed Béla up a grade in certain subjects, but there is more variety, and less of a focus on cumulative knowledge, in middle-school curricula in general. Believe it or not, his first lab is on — YEAST! Which he has been pining for after a few lulling evenings of The Great British Baking Show. He’s never done a yeasted dough. He wants to. So this is perfect.

The Alex Rider TV adaptation, which Béla has been waiting for forever — after devouring the novels and graphic novels a few years ago (wow… it really was a few years ago) has begun and is Quality. Kinda takes away the sting of this:

This is the movie theater my kids have seen 95% of the movies in their life, in. It was where Claudia saw her first movie with a friend and no adult accompaniment. And they’ve clearly seen their last movie there. The look in Béla’s eyes when he saw this photo was… memorable.

We know what’s happening with the virus. It’s not good. We need more social distancing. Things are coming much closer to home. We work really hard to ensure the kids have independent, private, regular contact with friends and loved ones. We know we are fighting for our lives. I’m overjoyed to see the level of enthusiasm and engagement B and C have.


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