out. about. a bit, while we can.

But it’s not the same.

We have to go to about four different stores to get everything we need for Thanksgiving. I don’t like the kids in stores; this is the second time they’ve been in one since first lockdown. That was holiday-related as well.

At “the good” Shop-Rite we made purchase estimations pre-shop, and then once we had gotten everything we wanted. We don’t have everything we need but we have a good start — including a turkey! Which will likely go to the cat. None of us like turkey and have not been making one the last few years, and STILL ending up stuffed and happy. To my kids, Schitt’s Creek says Thanksgiving more than turkey does.

Pre-and post-shop estimations, total at the bottom. Everybody got a chance to feel kinda savvy.

Not too fancy when you’re working with “Notes”. Wonder when the last time I upgraded my phone was?

Other than stocking bits and maybe one more thing for Béla (which I’ve gotten since writing this) Christmas shopping is finished. Thanksgiving shopping is not. But — not panic-inducing.

This was available for free tonight at home! Claude knows these books well! And we all ate Tucker’s homemade paleo pizza while listening together. I never pictured a scene like this happening in my life. The talk was very accessible.

Also, this happened, but we don’t know when. I handled the victim, pretending to be the coroner on Whitechapel, and it did not have rigor mortis so much as it was a bit dessicated.

It’s A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving next.


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