WE ARE HERE, david threlfall is in troy

Claude finished Stephen Fry’s Troy in one evening.

Have you seen the size of that book?

I wanted to test and see that she’d really read it but Tuck was a better candidate for this and soon they were indeed throwing around proper nouns and information neither of them could have known if they weren’t who they are. Claudia also said the book was very funny.

I haven’t really pointed Stephen Fry out to her; she knows his face I’m sure. I’m just glad she enjoyed the book. She certainly enjoys the Trojan War in all formats.

But this… this is beyond anything we could have dreamed

Neither kid could figure it out at first. It’s from a new Netflix miniseries about Troy, and this is Priam. But who IS it?

Oh. My. Life.


Claudia immediately made the observation that playing Priam was the one way he could actually have more children than he had on Shameless. She’s got a very quick sense of humor about some fairly niche topics, which makes her even funnier. This new Troy series is good so far, with exciting casting — a Brown Athena, a Black Zeus and Achilles, and a Black, with albanism, Artemis.

On Friday, we got to watch the premiere of a film in which Béla played in the samba ensemble for the soundtrack (above is a still from the film). Handmade Parade’s “We Are Here” has been our first opportunity to work with a group, near a town, that I’ve quite fallen in love with.

Artist and puppeteer friend Zach, who works with us on the “Civil Rites/Civil Rights” project, also had underwater backdrops in the film. It really was Handmade Parade brought to our homes, which is good enough for now… but oh, how I’m ready to start the countdown.


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