FOUR YEARS of homeschooling

Today, December 1, is our official anniversary. I have done this for four years. It was not my idea. It is the most meaningful time I have ever spent in my life and undoubtedly bonded me to my kids more strongly than giving birth to them could have.

They have learned things about their paths in life that I don’t think they’d ever have found in school.

I’m just now going over Claudia’s contribution to an article for the magazine of Excellence Through Classics. I don’t want to give to much away but suffice it to say: she is a young woman of extraordinary power and talent.

She’s also now a card-carrying member of the National Junior Classics League.

Claude has also written probably the total length of four novels’ worth of independent writing — something the tedium of school homework never would have allowed for.

Béla is the most loving person I have ever known. His abilities to engineer solutions to abstract problems… and to cook… well I don’t think anyone’s 100% sure what Béla will choose, or how many things he will choose to pursue in life but I am always impressed with his sophistication in humor, appreciation of cinema, and music. (And cooking.)

They are becoming more independent in their work, and Claudia at least is considering public high school — Béla is not sure — but while I still feel like I have homeschooled during literally every hour on the clock at one time or another, they don’t need me right on top of them (or they shouldn’t.)

That’s why it was a special treat yesterday to be asked to be on the Advisory Committee of the Philadelphia Autism Project.

More on everything later, but — four years. Confident kids who have more things they want to do in life than I ever had ideas for! And still, people occasionally stopping me around town because they read this blog and it gives them inspiration for their own adventures and learning.

It’s not easy. It’s not cheap. And you are on call 24/7.

It is one of the most profound parenting experiences you can have.

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