this photo is just irresistible.

I bought them the year-long subscription to Masterclass because I wanted Claudia to take David Sedaris’ writing course. While Claudia still writes fantasy fiction for the most part, she told me recently, not in so many words, that the pen was mightier than the sword. And that she had some life experiences she wanted to… express. Exorcise. Settle. And save.

With days before the subscription ran out, she began Sedaris’ Masterclass today.

It appears that David Sedaris is lost in reverie over the math resource book on the table — a book Tucker had bought the kids for Christmas, at the science museum in Queens, when they were still in preschool. In middle school, this book is still always on the table, because it’s always in use. (On the day it was received, it prompted the squeaky fury of little Claudia, who yelled at Tuck, “I made you a good present, and you got me dead bugs and a book about math!” We never pass up an opportunity to quote this.)

Claudia invited me, this week — with some little choked-up sense of significance — to not just line edit, but copy edit a recent piece she’s finished. I really do know what an act of trust and respect this is. I hope I’m worthy of it. She belongs to some academic organizations now where she could submit her creative writing… which would make her around the age I was when I started doing the same.


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