this is major marble to ground control

To keep Marble toxin-free as we dealt with some home improvements this weekend, we took her in her magic bubble for our local shopping center walk.

She was so relaxed, so brave, so curious.

In the afternoon and evening there was a Game Day reunion for Odyssey Teen Camp kids and B and C indulged in much D&D and Among Us — while Tuck and I just kept falling asleep during Christmas movies.

Today, while work was still happening at the house, we had more friends than we could fit in timewise offer to kill time with us. We went with our Macy’s family Littles, who were happy to see the kids, and Marble!

Claudia also had a fan dancing lesson from Tara…

But to be honest Marble was the star of the weekend. Any time we have arrived home, she has gotten out of her space suit and slept on it.

We learned lessons this weekend we have been learning all our years: no one, no matter how Grinchy, can stop you, your bonds of love, your memories, and your dreams for the future. We now have more space for them all!


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