it’s you…and me, forever

This darling girl. She needs so much more building up than she needs tearing down. What Black child in America does not need that sentiment right now? And yet what do we see every day?

Tear her down too much, you will never get her back — but she will keep herself. She has too many hands holding her up. Believe it.

This is a beautiful, loving girl. I’ve saved every note she’s ever written me. I’ve saved the purple fleece scarf she bought me in the Catholic preschool store when she was three. It’s one of the first things I’ll take with me when I leave this big house of memories. Memories of this girl, including the first night she fell asleep on my chest, listening to my heart.

She has friends who appreciate her.

Lately she has been trying to get closer to me, both physically and emotionally. Tonight her way to do best — because she knows I LOVE it — was to belt out the melismas in Hall and Oates’ “Sara Smile”. It’s like forty hugs in one vowel and my girl knows this.

Our girl, forever.


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