keeping with tradition, 2020 version

In 2018, we had a good friend who had just had her first baby. We also had a new friend, who had a little boy who adored Béla, and for whom Béla loved to be the Big Guy. So — we went to Macy’s for Christmas.

In 2019, we did it again, establishing a Yearly Tradition.

In the Summer of 2020, we started to talk about it already — were we going to miss going to Macy’s? Surely this could not go on this long, could it? Of course we’d be at Macy’s…

But. As we all know.

Well. Yuletide magic is one of the strengths on my CV, and it follows me wherever I go. I summoned our family’s artistic talents — Claudia’s drawing, Béla and Tucker’s digital editing. And, with updated pictures showing what they all looked like this year — the Littles, of course, being the most important to document — we made a Macy’s Santaland picture of our own.

In the long run, I think the funniest photo is the one of Claudia. She was very intentional about that Robert Mapplethorpe look. And that JEM Christmas sweatshirt used to be a dress on her.

That we did this and were able to give it to our friends was such a treat, and they were so appreciative. But we hope that we are going to “Meet them at the Eagle” next year, like all Philly Moms and Dads do at holiday time!


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