christmas 2020

Big Kid Christmas. First Christmas that neither of them received a toy as a gift (actually, one “toy” — one nice wooden table game focused on dexterity and pattern-recognition through use of chopsticks).

Getting things displayed nicely once they’ve gone to sleep, and still getting a few hours of sleep ourselves… for me it’s still one of the victory laps of the year. But, I think Santa is now something they just encourage in their “littles”.

Still, I take pride in our choices and thinking about how they will react.

Christmas Eve day, they went on a gift-exchange walk with Max in the afternoon.

This look on Béla’s face is so alarming but the cat had been stiff as a board for about fifteen minutes before this. It was getting a little scary. But the kitten loves the heating pad, and she was on the heating pad.

Tuck’s flaming plum pudding warmed things up even more.

And THEN! Christmas morning! My highest moment of anticipation: Béla in his shoes and hat by Anderson .Paak and Vans!

I was also super psyched about Claudia’s new tenor ukulele. She hasn’t gotten to try it yet but it inspired this:

Claudia got lots of books and anime-related gifts.

Béla got cookbooks, a real medical suture practice kit.

Although I did not get a photo, possibly the dearest thing given by anyone to anyone was a mirror compact Béla had custom-made for Claudia. On the front of it was a photo of Tuck, the kids and I at the theatre a few years ago to see “The Lightning King.” A beautiful memory of our intentional family, as we love it.

The tree was full this morning of letters we had written one another. A sweet and unplanned idea. But my favorite gift to me?

After years of hoping? Asking friends who claimed to have extras?

A hagstone. From Tucker.

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