she wanted an astrology poster

She said “I want an astrology poster for my room.” And my phone was open.

Ads started popping up the next day. But I was amazed to find that I saw an astrology poster that I, myself, got excited about it — educationally, aesthetically — and I bought it.

And it went up in her room just as fast.

Both kids did some work about astrology last year and the year before with Keren (making Tucker beautiful natal charts for his 25th birthday). Those lessons with Keren had certainly shown me that there was history, astronomy, math — lots to be gained by learning about astrology. But this poster looked like more than I could understand, and while we are sometimes seeing Keren, outside and masked, we aren’t doing anything like… sitting on a bed looking at a poster together. Not even with masks. (Although we shared it with her via text before it even arrived.)

The below image is from the website, and helps explain how the poster “works”. There are also videos at Spiral Spectrum’s website, and I got a workbook that Claude could use as well, to chart her own personal… well, look at all that.

I thought, particularly because the poster was so detailed with other “academic” information — and knowing that Claude probably had something simpler in mind, that she wouldn’t like it. But she does.

Sometimes, it works to your benefit when your devices are listening!


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