“we have good times. look at them.”

texting each other while being able to hear each other’s covers rustling.

I’ve been playing with filters more.

The cats, particularly Marble, consider her room the Chosen Land. It’s so full of books and witchcraft and music — and endless hours of Claudia soaked into the walls. The cats love to lie with her as she writes fiction.

This week was the first time she printed some chapters out and asked me to read them and give her critique. I’m nervous because I do not want to discourage her in any way, but it’s obvious she wants feedback for improvement. This is why I like our Spectrum writing curriculum — it’s really just set up to make better writers. But for her, if the assignment is “Write three paragraphs about a time you enjoyed watching birds,” Claudia will write about Armageddon, because I said she could. Nothing kills off wanting to write like a writing prompt.


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