GBBS birthday

This perfectly embodies how I feel about my birthday this year.

I did not have a lot of expectations, as Tuck and I just got all our Mitchell and and Webb DVDs and replaced the food processor — very much a necessary expense for Béla, who was twisting our arms to choose our birthday cakes on Christmas Day.

There has been a trend on my birthday, of Béla and cooking:

He got started first thing this morning. Our kitchen is known for having horrible lighting. Today Béla decided to wear a headlamp.

But I woke up to an amazing surprise…

She is my very favorite!!

The day just went very fast. Tucker got pickup dinner at Loco Pez and we literally had not had anything that special in a YEAR.

And then…

But.. but then

I was very surprised. Claudia has said (repeatedly) that I screamed, piercingly, three times.

Noel has come to live with us and gently encourage all of our under undertakings.

Béla’s hot chocolate cake was wonderful. He’s really found something he loves.


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