My kids had all the Studio Ghibli DVDs as tots (mostly given as gifts) because that was trendy then and ostensibly better than sticking your kid in front of a Disney movie. It did not work here. Claudia particularly hated Totoro, and especially the soot sprites.

Two days ago the first all-CGI film from Studio Ghibli was released in theaters (no thanks) and is on HBO Max today — I thought they could use a treat. There is no way to overstate mental health in this almost year-long slog.

Lots of laughing so I’m just glad when they are really enjoying something, and something that’s new.

Claude’s study materials for the NME have much more writing to them this year. I wonder if the exam will as well. First draft notwithstanding, I thought she was going to have to catch up on Transformation myths for her subtest. Maybe not.

We are finding more myths that relate to Claudia’s real-life challenges, which is probably why people study Classics.

And her anime art is starting to reflect more of her own attributes.

I would love it if Claudia got into the cosplay element of anime. Tuck and I are still threatening to go to a convention as what seems like the most obvious choice for us:

But we’d go it alone if we had to, I’m not waiting for some Zoomer’s approval on what’s cool (is that what generation they are? I have to look it up.) I have certainly learned from memes that Gen X is the generation worth being part of and I’m quite proud and pretty sure everything I do is cool.

I found something online last night, as I am always just trawling for good opportunities, that would draw a number of Claudia’s strengths together, plus give her the opportunity to get better at one particular weak spot (the Doing What One Is Told Because Those are Literally the Rules of Participation):

It’s made for her! Aside from the fact that I think she will be surprised to see how truly short 1,200 words is. It’s not the length she usually works in.


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